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Affect the life of aluminum alloy profiles
Sep 08, 2018

Everyone has seen various products made of aluminum alloy profiles, such as mobile workbench in the industrial field, assembly line workbench, industrial equipment protective fence, door and window curtain wall profiles in the construction field, etc., starting from the performance and advantages of the aluminum alloy profile itself, The aluminum alloy profile is widely used, and it is still in the long life of the aluminum profile itself, and it is corrosion-resistant and non-deformable. The long-term use does not affect its original performance, so this is the basicity of its popularity. the reason. So what are the reasons that affect its service life?

aluminum alloy profiles.jpg

First, if the quality of the sealing material used in aluminum alloy profiles is too poor, it will have an impact. If the production precision does not meet the quality requirements, the matching gap is too large, and the parts to be assembled after bonding are directly assembled without applying the sealing material, so that scratches or other substances easily pass through various assembly gaps, and penetrate into the aluminum profile and the main structure. Inside.

Secondly, if the profile of the door and window type, such as the waterproof structure, is unreasonable, the waterproof sealing layer is not enough. When the exposure is exposed to the indoor and outdoor wind pressure difference, it is easy to enter the aluminum profile cavity and enter the room, and enter the aluminum profile cavity. The material or rainwater cannot pass through the aluminum profile drainage system and smoothly discharges into the outdoor, leaving the aluminum profile to cause water accumulation. For example, the phenomenon of acid rain in some areas may cause oxidation.

Thirdly, the structural strength and the steelity fail to meet the requirements of the wind-resistant performance at the location where the steel is used, resulting in the stress deformation of the aluminum members, hardware fittings, seals and bonding materials, which cause severe plastic deformation under normal wind loads. , cracking or damage, etc., resulting in failure of the aluminum body seal, resulting in exposure to oxidation.

If it is a machine or protective cover in the industrial field of the interior, our aluminum alloy profile is treated by surface process oxidation. After the anti-oxidation treatment, the surface of the profile does not need to be subjected to other operations, and the service life is of course extended, as a protection machine. The normal operation of the plant or the protection of the normal operation of the plant site, the performance advantages of aluminum alloy profiles can not be ignored.

The appearance is beautiful, and the machine is made of a beautiful aluminum profile with a protective panel to improve the cleanliness and noise prevention of the factory.

If the surface treatment process of the aluminum alloy profile is not in place, the appearance of such as black spots or spotted spots on the surface of the profile will affect the use of the aluminum profile, as well as the processing technology, such as cold heat treatment, deepening the tensile strength of the aluminum profile, etc. If it is not handled well, it will also affect the performance of the aluminum profile.

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