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Alloy aluminum extrusion process
Dec 27, 2017

In order to obtain reliable quality aluminum alloy plate, it is necessary to strengthen the control of the production process of the aluminum alloy plate.Extrusion molding is one of the common processing methods of the aluminum alloy plate.Next, the aluminum alloy plate manufacturer will introduce how to control the extrusion process.
1, according to the work plan selected in line with the plan single die, flat mode: 460 ℃ -480 ℃. Shunt mode: 480 ℃ -500 ℃. Die in the furnace to stay the longest no more than 8 hours. Quick and quick, but also to prevent mold cooling.
2, ingot cylinder must be kept clean, no serious wear or big belly, otherwise, squeezing aluminum alloy slag or bubbles will appear.
3, do not allow aluminum alloy ingot rolling on the ground, any surface of sand, dust, should be cleaned and then into the furnace heating. Aluminum rod furnace temperature setting heating stage set 300 ℃ -450 ℃ , Aluminum rod on the machine when the temperature control, according to the wall thickness should be consistent with T ≥ 1.4mm Temperature control at 440 ℃ -540 ℃, T<1.4mm Temperature control at 400 ℃ -540 ℃, depending on the species, mold structure, alloy Depending on the type.
4, aluminum ingot ingot before heating, surface quality should be self-test, self-test by the host hand is responsible for, where there are obvious slag, cold, central crack and bending of the round ingot, should not be into the furnace Heating, it should be selected to return to the casting shop.
5, the use of heating 100 ℃ / 1 hour ladder form, the ingot tube heated to 380 ℃ -420 ℃. Spinning cylinder end surface temperature of 280 ℃ -360 ℃
6, the ingot cylinder and die with the end surface should be smooth and non-sticky aluminum, or extrusion will run material extrusion process, squeeze the squad to every 10-20 ingot with a portable thermometer measured once Temperature, and make a record of truthful, in order to keep abreast of changes in ingot temperature, maintaining normal extrusion temperature.
In addition to controlling the extrusion process of the alloy aluminum plate, the other links can not be ignored. Only by fully controlling the production process of the alloy aluminum plate can the ideal production result be obtained.

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