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Aluminum foil common defects
Dec 27, 2017

Aluminum sheet Aluminum sheet inevitably has some defects in the process of strip rolling into various aluminum foil semi-finished products and finished products, as well as in the process of foil finishing, annealing, transfer and packaging. Some of these defects are the defects of ingots and cast strip billets, sometimes in the process of ingot casting and casting, which can be exposed, sometimes can not be found, and can be exposed during further processing. Material rolling, finishing, annealing, transport, packaging and other processes generated during the production process.

Most of these defects are due to equipment failure, violation of operating procedures, improper adjustment of process parameters, operator skills are not skilled and many other reasons. In the production process of aluminum foil, there are many kinds of defects caused by the quality of aluminum foil, mainly a large number of pinholes, the thickness of the poor, poor flatness, for a variety of reasons, such as the broken belt to reduce these defects, to improve the quality of the foil is very meaningful.

Aluminum foil is rolled in a very thin state, and is sensitive to material thickness uniformity, rolling speed, tension, rolling oil, etc. Among the various defects, the most critical is to solve broken tape and pinholes, especially for High-speed rolling mill is more important. Broken tape and pinhole production and the quality of aluminum foil billet is very close.

Casting, hot-rolled ingot inclusions, airways, rolling process of metal and non-metallic pressure, rub, scratch, and uneven thickness can cause great difficulties rolling aluminum foil. Caused by broken belt, pinhole , Such as ultra-poor thickness. And these defects affect each other, the more aluminum thin pinhole more, the more pinhole is more prone to broken belt, broken with more, there will be some rolling speed increase in the thickness of the excess thickness of the foil.

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