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Common uses of a series of pure aluminum plates
May 01, 2018

Whether pure aluminum or alloy plates are collectively referred to as aluminum, many users are not really aware of the difference between different brands of aluminum in the end. Take the pure aluminum plate as an example. Even though they are all aluminum plates containing more than 99% aluminum, their performance is also different because of the slight difference in aluminum content, different melting and casting processes, different forging times, and different heat treatment processes. Therefore, the use of different grades of aluminum plate is also different. Here's how to use a series of aluminum plates:

  1050 aluminum extrusion coils for food, chemical and brewing industry, various hoses, fireworks powder.

  1060 aluminum plate requires high corrosion resistance and formability, but the strength requirements are not high, chemical equipment is its typical use, common such as insulation aluminum coil, anti-corrosion aluminum coil.

  The 1100 aluminum sheet is used to process parts that require good formability and high corrosion resistance but does not require high strength, such as chemical products, food industry equipment and storage containers, sheet metal parts, deep drawing or spinning concave vessels Welding parts, heat exchangers, printing plates, nameplates, reflectors.

  1145 aluminum plate for packaging and insulation aluminum foil, heat exchangers.

  1199 aluminum plate used as electrolytic capacitor foil, optical reflective deposition film.

  1350 aluminum plates are used as wires, conductive strands, bus bars, and transformer strips.

  The above several brands of aluminum plate are the most common in the market, their chemical and mechanical properties follow internationally uniform standards, and their performance has basically reached the lower and upper limits of pure aluminum plate. If there is a higher requirement on the properties of the aluminum plate, then it is necessary to help the aluminum alloy plate. We will introduce it again next time.

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