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How to choose aluminum, the kind of material suitable for insulation?
Dec 27, 2017

Insulation aluminum roll is a new type of thermal insulation decorative high-level integration of decorative materials, architectural decoration in a wide range of applications.

Commonly used insulation aluminum skin with pure aluminum coil, because the commonly used aluminum insulation is no requirement, but for some chemical plants, some special pipe, to use 3003 aluminum coil, 3003 aluminum coil is aluminum manganese alloy, with a certain degree of corrosion effect.

Insulation aluminum packaging should be based on product specifications, size, choice of packaging and packaging methods, for box packaging, product box can not be crushed or jogged. The production of packaging materials can be wood, plywood, fiberboard , Metal and other materials.Case should be clean and tidy, there is sufficient strength to ensure that during storage and transportation without distortion, not damaged.Microcarpon box was arranged in the nail, pointed tip can not be exposed, should be discarded, to avoid storage In the process of nail caps, nails punctured aluminum foil, the height of the bottom bracket should meet the requirements of forklift transport.Aluminum coil product inspection and covered with a copy, the outside should be wrapped around a solid layer of neutral or weak acid material, joints With tape or label sealing .In the end pad soft liner to protect the end surface of the insulation aluminum roll.Add desiccant, put on plastic bags, plastic bags at both ends beyond the part of aluminum coil plug die, with the right size plastic After the plug is sealed, it is put in the packing box. After the product is packed, it is covered with a layer of moisture-proof paper or plastic cloth, and put in the packing list, then it can be stamped and sealed with steel tape.

Insulation aluminum volume is a large export volume products, export packaging is usually taken fumigation well word frame, the external fixed with steel, aluminum roll double outer moisture-proof cloth, to prevent moisture within the agent, take a sealed package, suitable for Shipping.

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