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Maintenance and maintenance of aluminum sheet
Mar 04, 2018

The specific cleaning steps of the aluminum sheet are as follows:

1, first flush with a large number of water plate surface;

2, the use of soaked with water diluted detergent soft cloth gently wipe test plate surface;

3, again with a large amount of water to wash the plate surface, wash the dirt away;

4, check the board surface, for not washing clean place with detergent focus cleaning;

5. Rinse the board with water until all the detergent is washed away.

Note: Do not clean the hot plate surface (when the temperature exceeds 40°c), because too fast evaporation of moisture on the surface of the paint is harmful!

Special attention is, please choose the appropriate detergent, a basic principle is: must choose neutral detergent! Do not use strong alkaline detergents such as potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate, strong acidic detergents, abrasive detergents, and paint-dissolving detergents.

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