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Pattern aluminum features and classification and application
Dec 27, 2017

In recent years in the field of home improvement, pattern aluminum occupy a pivotal position, because it has colorful, easy to clean, durable, smooth surface, impact resistance, quick construction and other characteristics are widely used. Pattern aluminum features are: easy to process, easy to shape. So it is an excellent product for the pursuit of efficiency and time, which can shorten the construction period and reduce costs. Pattern aluminum can be cut, drilling, processing buried, cutting, slotting, band saw, you can also cold-formed, cold rolled, cold folding can riveting, screwing or gluing and so on. Production process is very simple.

Pattern aluminum outer wall project board and interior wall decoration board two categories, interior decoration are generally interior wall decoration board.

Pattern aluminum plate can also be divided according to single-sided and double-sided two. Single-sided pattern of aluminum because the surface is only a layer of aluminum alloy plate, so the strength of a little worse, the price cheaper than the double-sided aluminum. The double-sided aluminum double-sided pattern are high-strength anti-rust aluminum plate. Positive spray, negative aluminum qualities.

Pattern aluminum surface paint quality is crucial, a good use of hot and cold spray aluminum spray process is the import of hot liquid spraying process, not only the paint color uniform, strong adhesion, and scratches after stripping is not easy.

Home decoration with the pattern of aluminum is generally used in restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms and room heating hood, partition and other shapes, the construction requirements are also very strict.

Construction, the first surface of the board to be dry and flat, it is best to use multi-layer board, Blockboard to do the bottom to prevent the occurrence of cracking deformation.

Followed in the paste pattern aluminum must pay attention to glue must be uniform until strong glue thinner volatile hand touch sticky hands can be pasted, with wood hammer percussion compaction.

Third, the pattern of aluminum in use when the attention of the design requirements into a number of pieces. Should not be the whole piece or a large area to use, otherwise easily lead to hollow plastic.

Fourth, the pattern of aluminum alloy joint sealant generally sealed with plastic glass, plastic sealing glass must be uniform and full, dry the surface to clean, so that line the same thickness.

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