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Pattern aluminum production process
Dec 27, 2017

About the pattern of aluminum production process I believe many people do not understand it! Here Xiaobian explain the overall steps of the pattern aluminum production workflow.
Ingredients: According to the specific production alloy number, to calculate the composition of the various additives, and a reasonable mix of raw materials.
Melting: Will start with a good material in accordance with production requirements into the melting furnace for melting, and through the degassing, slag removal method to remove the inside of the debris and gas.
Casting: In a certain casting conditions, in accordance with the deep well casting system, the molten aluminum is cooled and cast into a variety of round cast rods.
Extrusion: The heated round casting rod in the extrusion die.Generally squeezed through the air-cooled quenching process and artificial aging process to complete the heat treatment, different types of heat treatment strength is not the same.
Color: This is the final step of the whole process, the first need to color the aluminum before oxidation, extrusion of aluminum alloy profiles are generally not corrosion-resistant, so the way also need to be anodized to deal with Achieve the result you want.
This is the overall work flow of pattern aluminum production, as long as we follow these steps, we will be able to create a perfect pattern of aluminum.
Pattern aluminum in recent years has entered the home decoration, because of its smooth surface, colorful, impact-resistant, easy cleaning, durable, quick construction and has been widely used. Two categories, the family decoration are generally used the latter.Aluminum pattern is divided into two sides and single-sided two kinds of double-sided pattern aluminum surface are rust-proof high-strength aluminum alloy plate .Painted spray, reverse aluminum qualities .And single-sided pattern aluminum Only the surface layer of aluminum alloy plate, the strength of a bit less, the price is cheaper. Surface paint quality, good aluminum plastic imported hot spray process, the paint film color, strong adhesion, easy to stripping paint strokes.

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