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Several factors aluminum plate damage
Dec 27, 2017

Usually we are in the transport, use, some negligence in the production process may damage the pattern aluminum, thus affecting its use. Here we will introduce several factors that cause the pattern of aluminum damage, I hope we can usually pay attention to These points.

1, pattern aluminum transport process, the friction between materials will also have deformation.

2, in the production process, from the trellis will be dragging down the pattern of aluminum caused by abrasions.

3, at work, there are some debris to bring some of the hard material, and then contact with the pattern aluminum will have some damage.

4, the process of discharging the speed can not be too fast, too fast pattern aluminum will be bruised when sent to the bed.

5, before the pattern of aluminum out of orbit, there are some debris in the track, or graphite in the hard objects, will cause some damage to the pattern of aluminum.

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