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Superconducting carbon crystal dry ground warm module and aluminum plate ground heating module which is good?
Mar 11, 2018

Warm workers.

The former is not recommended. If superconductivity were to be realized, the owners could not afford to buy it. How can the real superconductivity be partially overheated. Aluminum plate (thermal conductivity 237w/(M. K)) are not afraid to use too thick, heat conduction is a promotion, but the increase in costs will make the product can not sell out. Personal advice is to choose the aluminum plate ground heating module.

It's all dry. Dry type of installation environment (such as ground roughness, many developers do not reach the requirements) and the experience of the installation master requirements. The installation is not good, water sound, walking sound easy to appear. Now the most popular in Europe is the wet-type heating module-stability.

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