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What achievements have been made in Chinese aluminum alloy research?
May 01, 2018

After the end of the Second World War, the world aviation and aerospace fields entered a period of rapid development. A large number of new materials went out of the laboratory and were put into large-scale use, which greatly promoted the development of the aerospace, military and other fields at that time. In the study of new materials, Europe, the United States, and Russia have gone far ahead of other countries. China began in the 1960s and has conducted large-scale research on high-strength, high-performance military and civilian aluminum alloys, and developed hundreds of them. Meet the development needs of China's aluminum alloy.

  Although China has made great achievements in aluminum alloy research, aluminum alloy materials put into practical use have also provided great help for the development of various industries in the country, but we must clearly understand that compared with the level of research in developed countries, No matter whether it is independent research and development capabilities or research results, there is a big gap between China and the international advanced level. We must catch up. At present, in the following fields, the achievements made by China are more pronounced:

  1. Using new theories and new technologies, adjusting the proportion of existing aluminum alloy elements, adding other trace elements, and renovating the existing hundreds of aluminum brands through new purification, refining, refining and homogenizing technologies. The alloys have fully exerted the deviation of existing aluminum alloys and developed a number of new aluminum alloy materials with high strength, high toughness, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, easy processing, and high temperature resistance.

  2. Developed and improved a number of new aluminum alloy production and processing processes, which can produce various aluminum alloys with special properties through heat treatment, deformation treatment, and surface treatment.

  3. In the field of aluminum alloy research theory, in-depth study of the relationship between aluminum alloy composition, production and processing technology and organizational performance, a sound aluminum alloy research and development system, making China's aluminum alloy research more systematic.

  4. Extensive forward-looking research has been carried out in such high-tech fields as powder metallurgy, injection molding, composite materials, 3D printing, and nanomaterials, and great progress has been made.

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