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What Are 1100 Aluminum Plate
Sep 01, 2018

1100 is industrial pure aluminum, the aluminum content (mass fraction) is 99.00%, and it can not be heat-treated. It has high corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, its density is small, plasticity is good, and various aluminum materials can be produced by pressure processing, but the strength is low. Other process performances are basically the same as 1050A. 1100 aluminum sheet is usually used for good forming and processing properties, high corrosion resistance, and does not require high strength, such as food and chemical handling and storage equipment, sheet metal products, hollow hardware for rolling processing, and welding combination. Keys, reflectors, nameplates, etc.

1100 aluminum plates  are commonly used in articles, heat sinks, caps, printing plates, building materials, heat exchanger components, and can also be used as deep drawn products. It is widely used in various fields from cookware to industrial equipment.

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