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Aluminium Fuel Cell Available
Nov 30, 2018

Using "Aluminum water air" to generate electricity, this "black technology" in Ningbo to the market. Recently, the author from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Ningbo Materials learned that the Institute's R & amp; d team using graphene to modify the air cathode catalyst materials compound, greatly improve the electrochemical performance of the battery.    

At present, this battery has achieved mass production, will be applied to some of the communications base station in our city backup power supply. "Aluminium fuel cells are equivalent to a high-power, self-generating ' charging treasure ' that can generate electricity by simply adding water or adding aluminum. Shirekian, head of the team, said the battery system has the advantages of high energy density, safety, recyclable, environmental protection and pollution-free.    

The assessment shows that the installation of the car "charging treasure" of new energy vehicles, can greatly improve mileage, communication base station using aluminum fuel cells, encountered earthquakes, typhoons and other bad weather can be timely power supply.    Because its rated power is consistent with the power demand of most base stations in China, it can be replaced directly without changing the original equipment, so the aluminum fuel cell has a wide application prospect in the fields of smart grid, base station backup power supply, reef power supply and so on. "Due to power constraints, the current aluminum fuel cells are still unable to replace the current new energy vehicle power batteries, especially acceleration, climbing performance can not keep up." "Shirekian said the team will further improve battery performance and strive to develop a power system with more than 15-kilowatt rated power.