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Aluminum Drawing Process
Dec 27, 2017

Brushed processing is to be done after stamping, drawing can be made according to the needs of decoration, ruled lines, random lines, threads, ripples and spiral patterns such as several.

Straight wire drawing refers to the surface of the aluminum plate with a mechanical friction method of processing straight lines. It has the dual role of brushing aluminum surface scratches and decorative aluminum surface. Straight drawing with continuous silk pattern and intermittent silk pattern two. Continuous silk threads can be obtained using a scouring pad or stainless steel brush by continuous horizontal and straight rubbing of the aluminum surface, such as by manual grinding with the aid of an existing device or by brushing the aluminum wire with a wire brush with a planer. Change the stainless steel brush wire diameter, get different thickness of the lines. Intermittent silk lines generally brushing machine or rubbing machine system obtained. Preparation principle: the use of two sets of the same rotation differential wheel, the upper group of rapid rotation of the roller, the lower group of slow-rotating rubber roller, aluminum or aluminum alloy plate from the two sets of rollers through, was brushing out Delicate intermittent ruled lines.

Ghost pattern drawing is a high speed wire brush, so that the aluminum plate around the friction obtained by a random, no obvious lines of matte silk lines. This processing, the aluminum or aluminum alloy surface of the higher requirements.

Corrugated machine or rubbing machine in the general system. The use of the axial movement of the roller group, grinding aluminum or aluminum alloy plate surface, resulting in wavy lines.

Also known as rotary optical rotation, is the use of cylindrical felt or grinding wheel mounted on the drill, with kerosene to reconcile the polishing ointment, the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plate obtained by grinding a spinprint obtained. It is mostly used for circular signage and small decorative dial decorative processing.

The thread is a small motor with a circular felt on the shaft, which is fixed on the table top, at an angle of about 60 degrees to the edge of the table, and a palletized plate with fixed aluminum pressure tea, A straight edge of the polyester film used to limit the thread competition. The use of the rotation of the felt and the linear movement of the carriage, screw out the uniform width of the thread on the aluminum surface.

Sandblasting is to obtain the surface of film decorative or finely reflecting surfaces to meet the special design needs such as soft gloss. Even moderate blasting, basically can overcome the common defects on the surface of aluminum.

The appearance of parts, whether it is drawing or sand blasting, usually need to do the surface oxidation treatment. As for the choice of which processing technology, should be related to the styling to consider a problem, two processes available surface texture is still different.

In addition there is a process and blasting close, but the use of a chemical etching method, commonly known as chemical desmear or chemical sand surface corrosion, especially for aluminum surface treatment, the uniformity of the sand surface is far superior to spray Sand treatment. Chemical sand surface corrosion points acidic corrosion and alkaline corrosion. Different surface colors and grit sizes can be obtained with different corrosive solvents and sand-surface agents.