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American Tariffs On Steel And Aluminum Are Self - Destructive-activity
Mar 27, 2018

EST on March 8th, President Trump issued a presidential proclamation of two, the United States imports of steel products to levy tariffs on 25% aluminum products, imposed a 10% tariff, tariff measures in addition to Canada and Mexico outside of all other countries. Subsequently, the White House issued a statement saying that it temporarily exempted steel and aluminum tariffs from EU, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Korea and other economies and countries.

The Aluminum Association of China said that the aluminum industry between China and the United States has strong complementarity, and tariff collection has seriously affected the downstream businesses of the US.

Chinese Aluminum Association said, "the actual effect of 232 steel and aluminum survey is very small, the United States to take such a high tax rate ordinarily, China exports to the United States should be very difficult. But now there is a strange phenomenon. Even at such a high tax rate, American customers are still asking Chinese companies to air aluminum foil to the United States. This is because the products can not be bought, and other countries can not be replaced. In this case, the real damage is American consumers, and it has weakened the competitiveness of downstream US companies. We are firmly opposed to the practice of anti trade liberalization and trade protection. "

In addition, the China Aluminum Industry Association also said that, in 2017 1~10, the United States imported 550 thousand tons of aluminum products from China, accounting for only 9.5% of its total imports of aluminum products.

China Aluminum Association said, "since 2010, when the US began to take some measures for us, we are making some adjustments to adjust the export destination and export structure. Besides, it also includes litigation and appeals to the Supreme Court. The US is not very suitable for the choice of the alternative countries in our aluminum foil case. For this reason, we will organize the enterprise to carry out a no injury defense, and appeal to the Supreme Court, and organize the enterprises to sue and appeal.