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Automotive Aluminum Metal Application Technology
Dec 27, 2017

With the increasing application of magnesium alloy in automobiles, the application of aluminum metal in the automotive industry has made new breakthroughs. The aluminum consumption of bicycles in aluminum cars will increase substantially. Aluminum has three major advantages for the automotive industry: its density is smaller than other materials, which can reduce the car's own quality, reduce fuel consumption and absorb energy of impact better than that of steel. As the car's own quality is reduced, Performance, lighter engines are available, which saves on materials and costs of manufacture; some parts made of aluminum alloys, such as bodywork, are less expensive to manufacture than other materials. The European Aluminum Association said the average aluminum consumption in European cars doubled in the 1990s, from 50 to 100 kg / car. The average aluminum content in 2005 was 150 kg / vehicle, while the 2010 aluminum content was 180 kg / vehicle. A study by Duke Research reports that the average aluminum content for cars and light trucks in North America was 124 kg / car in 2002, compared with an average of 37 kg / car in 1973. The U.S. metal market reported an average aluminum content of 126.6 kg / car for home-use vehicles in 2003. According to a report from Alcan, due to the increased use of carpets, extrusions and castings in automobiles and the increased use of forgings made from primary aluminum ingots in suspension systems, 2009 The average car aluminum content up to 156 kg / car. A study commissioned by the European Aluminum Association (EAA) commissioned by the University of Aachen, Germany, shows that Compart Car can reduce its own mass by more than 30% by maximizing the replacement of traditional dense materials with aluminum, Can reduce 400 kg / vehicle above. See aluminum metal in the automotive industry has a wide range of applications, all countries in the world are paying close attention to research and development. Korea recently declared an invention patent for "an aluminum wheel casting device for a car", and relates to an aluminum wheel casting device for a car, in particular, which can be molded by improving working conditions and improving the structure of an aluminum wheel Good quality aluminum wheels. In the meantime, the present invention relates to an aluminum wheel casting apparatus for a motor vehicle, which is characterized by being capable of improving the working efficiency and improving the quality of a molded aluminum wheel, and by improving the structure of the improved aluminum wheel casting apparatus, Minimizes power consumption and improves product productivity. It also prevents previous burns caused by direct contact with a high-temperature mold base and the like, and it can improve the quality of the side mold by maintaining the horizontal force and the supporting force And the disadvantage of casting the molded wheel resulting from the overheating between the wheels and the improvement of the satisfaction of the molded wheel cast by the aluminum melt.