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China Aluminum Ingot SME Price Will Keep Raising In A Short Time
Apr 19, 2018

The world Metal Statistics Bureau (WBMS) published data on its website on Wednesday showing a shortage of 223 thousand tons in the global raw aluminum market in 1-2 months in 2018, and a shortage of 1 million 103 thousand tons in 2017. 

In 2018 1-2, the global demand for raw aluminum was 9 million 900 thousand tons, representing a decrease of 210 thousand tons over the same period in 2017. In 2018 1-2, the world's original aluminum output decreased by 139 thousand tons compared with the same period in 2017. I

nventories could be increased by 18 thousand tons in January and further increased by 313 thousand tons in February. In February, the LME warehouse in Malaysia increased by 255 thousand tons. As of the end of February can be the primary aluminum inventory report of 2 million 633 thousand tons, 2 million 346 thousand tons by the end of 2017. As of the end of February 2018, the total stock of raw aluminum held by four major exchanges in London, Shanghai, the United States and Tokyo was 2 million 200 thousand tons, an increase of 257 thousand tons compared with the end of 2017. 

Overall, the output of raw aluminum in the world in 2018 1-2 decreased by 1.4% compared with the same period in 2017.