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Color Coated Aluminum Use And Advantages
Dec 27, 2017

What is color aluminum?

Color coated aluminum is the aluminum substrate after color coating unit, coated on the surface of one or more layers of organic coatings and cured by curing the composite material. The surface of the aluminum alloy aluminum plate is colored. The aluminum alloy aluminum plate is stable in performance and can not be easily eroded. The surface of the aluminum alloy plate can not be faded for at least 8 years after its special treatment. Because of its low density and high hardness, the unit weight is metal The lightest material.

The advantages of color aluminum:

Color coated aluminum both the advantages of aluminum and organic materials, both aluminum with high mechanical strength, good toughness, easy processing and other performance advantages, but also has a good organic polymer coating coloring, decorative, corrosion resistance , Can be easily blanking, bending, deep drawing, welding and other processing, made of the product practical, decorative, easy processing and durability. Color aluminum is widely used in industrial plants, railway stations, airports, stadiums, commercial buildings, houses and other types of construction and home appliances manufacturing.

Color coated aluminum has long been widely used in foreign countries, and with the continued rapid growth of China's economy, the past decade, the domestic application of color coated aluminum and demand continues to expand. Because of its wide range of uses, easy processing, long service life, light weight (iron is the proportion of 1/3), the unit cost is low, the coating anti-fouling, colorful and gorgeous, green and gradually become Caitu aluminum industry The future direction of development, market demand larger.