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Common Quality Problems Of Aluminum Which
Dec 27, 2017

In the aluminum belt production process, because of equipment or personnel errors and other reasons prone to quality problems, quality problems here are summarized below, I hope the production sector can pay attention to the issue.
Oil pollution is a common problem in quality problems: Oil refers to the aluminum with the most rolling oil surface, and with the addition of rolling oil film in excess of the oil, in the production of cut and finished product inspection process visible to the naked eye Surface with oil. The oil is mainly caused by the roll neck or mill exit, falling, splashing, dripping on the box surface and abnormality of the rolling mill roller, dripping of the thickness gauge of the rolling mill, and often more complicated components.
This oil will bring greater harm to the aluminum coil surface: First, the majority of aluminum coil as a decorative or packaging materials must have a clean surface; the second is the thickness of the thin, easy to form bubble in the subsequent annealing, And due to the larger amount of oil in the formation of excessive residue and affect the use. The number of oil defects is to evaluate the quality of aluminum foil is a very important indicator.
Solution: Strictly inspect the production equipment before production. If it is found that there is too much oil in the equipment, it should be cleaned in time and the reason should be found out. At the same time, the products should be cleaned and processed. If the products can not be cleaned, the products with greasy dirt Prohibition of storage and into the market.
Scratches are the quality of the regulars: scratches, scratches, bruises are intermittent or continuous surface of the aluminum sheet. Single groove-shaped scars. It is usually produced when the sharp object touches the surface of the foil and slides relatively.
The main reasons: roll, guide roller surface sharp defects, or sticky hard debris; cutting, coiling, slitting of the mechanical guide roller, the guide has sharp defects or dry debris. Scratch: a bundle (or group) of scars that are created on the surface of a box due to relative slippage or misalignment between the object's ribs and faces, or between faces and faces.