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High Tariifs For Import Aluminum Products
Mar 09, 2018

Xinhua news agency, Washington, March 8 (reporter Jin Minmin Gao Pan) President Trump of the United States, 8, signed a declaration of high tariffs on imported steel and aluminum sheet and coil products. The United States's latest trade protection measures have been widely opposed both in the United States and in the international community.

Trump announced at the White House on the same day that the United States will impose a 25% tariff on imported steel and impose a tariff of 10% on imported aluminum products. The tariff measures will come into force 15 days later.

In addition, as the United States, Canada and Mexico are talking about the North American Free Trade Agreement, Trump said Canada and Mexico will be temporarily exempt from the related tariffs. At the same time, other economies have the opportunity to be exempt from relevant tariffs, and the US trade representatives are in charge of specific negotiations.

The two high tariffs are based on the "232 survey" by the U. S. Department of Commerce. According to the 232nd clause of the Trade Expansion Act 1962, the US Department of Commerce has the right to initiate investigations into whether the import products will damage the national security of the United States. The US Department of Commerce launched the "232 survey" on imported steel and aluminum products in April 2017, and submitted an investigation report to Trump in January this year.