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How Many Kinds Of Conventional Aluminum And Performance!
Dec 27, 2017

Aluminum plate is through the aluminum ingot heating, melting, rolling, annealing, shearing and other processes made of sheet material.

1, aluminum according to the different production processes can be divided into hot-rolled aluminum and cast aluminum (also known as cold-rolled aluminum).

2, common alloys: 1050 1060 1070 1100 3003 5052 5754 5083 6061 6082 7075

3, Commonly used state: O F H12 H14 H16 H18 H22 H24 H26 H28 H32 H34 H36 H38 T4 T5 T6 T651

4, the main purposes: vehicle manufacturing shipbuilding traffic signs advertising printing metal curtain wall lighting appliances appliances instrumentation, sheet metal processing mold manufacturing machinery processing aerospace building decoration and many other fields.

5, the main features of aluminum alloy plate: light density, easy processing, high strength, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity, excellent welding performance, etc. are widely used in various fields of production and processing.

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