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How To Polish Aluminum Sheet Metal
May 30, 2018

Aluminum mirror polishing machine can be used.

The mirror polishing process first must selectively and effectively remove the peaks on the surface of the workpiece.

In electrolytic polishing mirror polishing using a passivating electrolyte such as a sodium nitrate aqueous solution, this is satisfied by the formation of a passivation film and its partial destruction. Since the electrolyte used is passivating, the working surface as the anode will be

A passivation film is formed to completely cover it and electrolysis is suppressed. However, due to the action of the abrasive distributed on the surface of the viscoelastic body, the passivation film formed on the wave peak is destroyed when it is scratched, so that the electrolytic current is passed therethrough and the exposed peaks are dissolved.

Therefore, in the case of a viscoelastic body with continuously flowing electrolyte, and a tool electrode attached to visco-elastic abrasive grains moving along the surface of the workpiece, the latter will be rapidly smoothed due to disappearance of dissolution of all peaks.

From the above, it can be seen that although the abrasive material is hardly directly used to effectively remove the workpiece material because it is only attached to the viscoelastic material, it has a decisive influence on the rapid removal of the peaks by the electrolytic polishing mirror polishing method. Because of this, the particle size of the abrasive is still an element that governs the surface roughness of the workpiece after polishing, and the even and wide distribution of the intersection angle between the abrasive scraping trajectories is still a necessary condition for reducing the waviness of the processed surface.