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Pattern Aluminum Plate In The Humid Environment Role
Dec 27, 2017

The use of pattern aluminum is very extensive, three ribs, five tendons, pointer pattern aluminum are common varieties, in the construction, transportation, decoration, refrigeration equipment and other areas can see the pattern of aluminum figure. Today, we talk about the role of pattern aluminum in wet environments.

Pattern aluminum superior performance, wide range of applications, and the effect of wet environment is equally significant effect. In terms of cooling rate, in accordance with the principles of physics, the thermal conductivity of aluminum pattern is 237W / mK, the greater the thermal conductivity value, the better the thermal conductivity, under the same conditions, the faster the cooling rate, the better the cooling effect.

In terms of the material, the higher the cost of pattern aluminum, the better the reason why the refrigerator to choose the high cost of pattern aluminum evaporator is because the pattern aluminum evaporator cooling effect is good. In terms of solder joints and corrosion resistance, the high-performance refrigerator pattern aluminum evaporator aluminum foil pattern will be wrapped in the refrigeration pipe, without any solder joints, the refrigerant will never be leaked, safe and healthy.

In terms of load-bearing performance, refrigerator freezer drawer and pattern aluminum evaporator full touch, large cooling area, uniform cooling, because the force evenly, pattern aluminum plate made of aluminum plate evaporator load up to 30 kg.