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Pattern Aluminum Welding The Difficulty Of What
Dec 27, 2017

Pattern aluminum is widely used in a variety of welded structural products, mainly because the pattern of aluminum with light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, good formability and low temperature performance and so on. However, we encountered some difficulties in welding aluminum plate, how do we solve it?
(1) pattern aluminum alloy welded joints soften seriously, the strength coefficient is low, which hinders the application of pattern aluminum alloy the biggest obstacle.
(2) pattern aluminum alloy welding easy to produce pores.
(3) pattern aluminum alloy welding easy to produce hot cracks.
(4) pattern aluminum alloy wire coefficient of expansion, easy to produce welding deformation.
(5) pattern aluminum alloy surface easy to produce refractory oxide film, which requires the use of high-power density welding process.
(6) pattern aluminum alloy thermal conductivity, the same welding speed, heat input than the welded steel sophomore to four times.
Therefore, in summary of the pattern of aluminum welding process requires the use of energy density, welding heat input is small, high-speed welding of high-efficiency welding method.