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The Brush Process Treatment For The Aluminum Alloy
Apr 20, 2018

Straight line brush refers to machining straight lines on the surface of aluminum alloy by means of mechanical friction. It has the dual function of removing scratches on aluminum alloy surface and decorating aluminum plate surface. There are two kinds of continuous drawing and interrupted silk pattern. The continuous thread can be obtained by a continuous horizontal linear friction on the surface of the aluminum sheet, such as manual technique grinding under the condition of the present device or the brush on the aluminum plate with a steel wire brush with a planer. Changing the diameter of the stainless steel brush can get different grain sizes. Interrupted silk pattern is usually made on brushing machine or rubbing machine. Production principle: two groups of rotating differential wheels are used, the upper group is a fast rotating grinding roller, the lower group is a slow rotating roll, and the aluminum or aluminum alloy plate passes through the two groups of roller wheels and is brushed out with fine and intermittent straight lines.

Irregular wire brush is a kind of irregular silk pattern with no obvious grain lines obtained by high-speed wire brushes. This process requires higher surface requirements for aluminum or aluminum alloy plates.

The ripples are usually made on the brush or wiping machine. By using the axial movement of the upper grinding roller and grinding on the aluminum alloy surface, the wavy texture is obtained.

It is also called spinning. It is a kind of silk made of cylindrical felts or abrasive nylon wheels on the drilling machine, using kerosene to blend polished ointment and rotating and polishing the surface of aluminum or aluminum alloy plates. It is mainly used for decorative processing of circular signs and small decorative dial.

The thread is a small motor with a circular felt on the shaft. It is fixed to the table on the table, 60 degrees on the edge of the table, and a trailing board with fixed aluminum plate to press tea, and a straight polyester film on the trailing board to limit the thread race. By using the straight line movement of the felt and the trailer, the thread threads with uniform width can be errolled on the surface of the aluminum plate.

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