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The Definition Of Mirror Aluminum
Dec 27, 2017

Mirrored aluminum refers to the rolling, grinding and other methods to deal with, so that the plate surface mirror effect of the aluminum plate. Mirror aluminum are generally used abroad rolling method, the manufacture of the coil, sheet metal.

Mirror aluminum is just a general term, according to the plate surface mirror high, medium and low points, but also can be divided into 800 standard mirror, 850 high mirror and 890 ultra-mirror. In accordance with the surface of the post-processing methods can be divided into 800 series of oxide mirror aluminum and R series of non-oxide mirror aluminum

The color of the mirror aluminum can be divided into two categories: basic color and metallic color. The basic colors are: 790.36 China red mirror aluminum, 790.32 orange mirror aluminum, 790.20 gold mirror aluminum, 790.50 green mirror aluminum, 790.62 blue mirror aluminum, 790.40 blue mirror aluminum, 790.42 ice blue mirror aluminum, 790.60 purple mirror aluminum, 790.18 smoke Smoked mirror aluminum and 790.17 black mirror aluminum. Metallic colors are: 790.23 titanium mirror aluminum, 790.26 champagne mirror aluminum, 790.35 copper mirror aluminum, 790.30 rose gold mirror aluminum, 790.70 light bronze mirror aluminum, 790.73 deep bronze mirror aluminum and 790.16 stainless steel mirror aluminum