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The Logic Behind The Trend Of The Recent Price Of Aluminum
Apr 26, 2018

There are two main reasons for the rise in domestic aluminum prices.

First: the pull of the outer disk. Domestic prices are also driving up in the foreign market, the main reason for the rise of foreign disk drive is that the price of LME has risen by more than 33%, the sanctions of the Russia aluminum and the increase of the US import tariffs on aluminum, resulting in the shortage of overseas aluminum supply. And in the current situation, there is no solution to the shortage.

Second: in the LME inventory exactly how many Russia aluminum products, this data has no specific data to be studied. However, LME's inventory has dropped from about 5000000 tons to about 1400000 tons, which is at a historic low level. LME, Russia's aluminum equivalent is now a dead stock, it can not move. We do not rule out a low inventory risk in the case of low inventory of Russia.