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Trade War Escalated The Mine Product Market
Mar 26, 2018

The Dow Jones industrial index closed at 23533.20, down by 1.77%. The S & P 500 ended at 2588.26, down 2.10%, and the NASDAQ index closed at 6992.67, down by 2.43%.

In addition to some kinds of oil, gold and other varieties, the price of international mineral products has generally fallen.

WTI crude oil prices closed at $65.83 / barrel, up 2.54%. The gold price of the New York Mercantile Exchange stood at $1349.9 / ounce, up 1.7%.

Metal notified 62% grade iron ore powder at a price of $64.58 / ton, down 3.9% for the lower price since this year.

The copper spot price of the London Metal Exchange fell at $6617.75 / ton, down by 0.52%. The price of aluminum fell at $2026.75 / ton, down by 1.27%. The price of lead was 2339.5 dollars per ton, down by 1.03%. The zinc price was $3214.5 / ton, up 0.44%. Nickel price is 12902

Dollar / ton, down 1.86%. Tin prices closed at $20845 / ton, down by 1.82%.

Cobalt prices closed at $94050 / tonne and fell for second consecutive trading days.